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Do you have Elf on the Shelf? Are you one of the moms who enjoy having the Elf around during the Christmas season? Just like my son, I’m happy that our Elf is around at Christmas time. Read below the reasons why.

Anyway, for the benefit of others who are not aware, here it is.

Elf on the Shelf

Add a new member to the family this holiday with this Scout Elf from the Elf on the Shelf. This scout Elf reports to Santa Claus each night to let him know who has been naughty or nice.

One of the best parts of getting an elf is waking up each morning and trying to spy where they’re hanging out for the day. Maybe they’re sitting on the fridge or hanging from the light. Maybe they got into some mischief during the night! Every night this Scout Elf will return to the North Pole to say whether your kid has been naughty or nice.  

To know more about it, read the book – The Elf on the Shelf – A Christmas Tradition or watch the video – An Elf’s Story.

elf on the shelf christmas tradition


Why I love him around?

  • My son wakes up immediately in the morning when I asked him to because he is excited to see Elf. Compared to other ordinary mornings, he will usually say ‘5 minutes’.
  • He is always happy in the morning.
  • He always listens to mom, because Elf is around and might tell Santa.
  • He is not too loud or noisy because Elf might hear him.
  • He does his homework right away.
  • He says sorry to Elf when he thought that he did something not nice.
  • A new Christmas tradition for the family.
  • And a lot more.

Sometimes, I am quite emotional seeing my son like this. Because I know that time flies so fast and I am sure that only a few years from now, his beliefs will not be like this anymore. So for now, we are both enjoying all the traditions we have and be with him looking at everything through the eyes of a child.

Here are some of our Elf’s antics through the years:


elf on the shelf popping out


Elf on the Shelf with his buddy


elf on the shelf diving inside the stockings


elf on the shelf inside elf mug


elf on the shelf with batman


elf on the shelf with cars mcqueen mack




elf on the shelf on fruit basket


elf on the shelf with camera


elf on the shelf with reindeers


elf on the shelf with candy cane


elf on the shelf with candies


elf on the shelf snow angel


elf on the shelf with reindeer and countdown


elf on the shelf with son and advent calendar

Elf on the Shelf Easy Ideas Elf on the Shelf Easy Ideas Elf on the Shelf Easy Ideas


Have a Merry Christmas!


See you around!


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